The Arkansas Razorback and the Theory of Dynamic Symmetry

Over on the University of Arkansas Libraries site, the special collections department has posted a digital version of “A History of Arkansas Razorbacks” by Hank Hancock. By day, I do art for companies and I’m a sucker for the history of logos so this book is going to kill the rest of my morning and get me to lunch. Why it’s not a NYT Bestseller is beyond me.


Joplin Car Dealership Takes Shot At Arkansas

Looks like the state of Missouri is up to it’s old tricks again.  Matt and Terry of “Matt & Terry’s Auto Sales” couldn’t help themselves after Arkansas threw up a goose egg versus Alabama over the weekend.  These guys are hilarious–which shouldn’t come as a surprise… Midwestern people are known for not only being colorful, but very entertaining as well.

The Dark Hog Rises (Movie Trailer)


starring Jeff Long, Bobby Petrino, JL Smith & Tyler Wilson

The Greatest Razorback Fan Of ALL TIME(Video)

This woman understands the pulse of the state–good day, everyone.

Texas A&M Wants You To Hate Them (VIDEO)

The Aggies are back at it again.  There was no explanation for their videos before and there’s no explanation now.  I hit the play button at work and was immediately embarrassed that everyone around me heard the audio–even if they didn’t know what it was about.  I am now sitting in a bathroom stall, writing to you, as we speak, so that the chatter about the jackass in D-4 listening to “Whoomp There It Is” will fade out.  I’m humiliated and taking a grumper at the same time.  Watch this:

Thanks to Marshall Hughes for the video.