Arkansas’ Baseball Season Is Easy To Explain…

Maybe we jumped the gun with the title of this post, but one recurring theme we’ve seen all season long has been Arkansas’ inability to finish a game.  And by that, I mean, last nights loss to Auburn at home was the Razorbacks eighth loss of the year by one run.

It seems this has been the most challenging club Dave Van Horn has had since he landed in Fayetteville.  Whether it be the lack of offense, having to sacrifice his defense for offense, or being able to mesh both sides of the game together-it’s been a challenging year for the Diamond Hogs.  One thing seems almost for certain after last week’s series loss versus the Gamecocks, this team won’t be hosting a regional and it’s something they desperately needed.

First pitch tonight versus Auburn at the Baum is set for 6:35.  Randall Fant (2-2, 4.04) will be starting for the Hogs opposite of Auburns Daniel Koger (3-4, 2.74).

Do yourself a favor: If you’re going to be in attendance this evening…load up on adult beverages, go into the outfield, take your shirt off, and just be okay with whatever happens.


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