FlopCity, FlopFlop City, Trik!

Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images

Tinseltown gave us all the drama we needed this past weekend to cap off an entertaining first round of the NBA Playoffs.  The LakeShow fooled around a little too much and found themselves back in LA for a game 7. (When they should’ve been preparing for the Thunder.) When that team down the hallway in Staplez could not flop themselvez to a closeout game 6 victory at home.  Clips headed back to the #OrangeMound and pulled off an improbable, 10 point, game 7 road victory!  Both LA teamz are in big trouble though, the top seedz out the West have been patiently waiting for well over a week & ready to pounce!

The East Coast vibe iz totally different.  The matchups don’t seem az enticing, but we know whoever haz the edge in the all important #FlopSoHard category should see each other in the Conference Finalz!  My $$$ iz on the savvy vets from Boston & MIA.  Theze guyz not only know how to sell the flop but they got #CrewLuv w/ the refs & we all know grown ass men give kidz no luv!
@76ers @ @celtics 7pm Eastern & @Lakers @ @okcthunder 630pm Western #NBAonTNT


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