Swag vs NoSwag! Your End Of Business Day NBA Review

LA vs SA
ClipperNation iz still riding high after their game 7 road victory in Memphis.  Now they face the hottest team in the NBA.  The San Antonio Spurz are rested and healthy and those are two things that LA iz not, but the @LAClippers have one thing that could cancel out this disadvantage, that game changer called #Swag. Theze dudez from Hollyhood ooze it.  Griffin & CP3 lead the #MetroSwagLink but their bench iz so deep in swag that the @spurs  “Wallflowerz@theClub” bench better be on alert!  Nick “SwaggyP” Young, Mo “Gotti” Williams, Eric “E Bizzly” Bledsoe & K-Mart have the juevos to keep their team in the game by sharp shooting, talking that ish & throwin up signz with their fingerz!  That’s just sumthin you can’t teach the straight laced Spurz.  Another thing to keep an eye on iz potential closet SwaggerJackerz – Tony Parker (just ask Erin Barry), Kwahi Leonard (Micro-Braidz), Danny Green. Remember hiz dancing dayz w/ UNC & KingJamez’zCavz? Not to mention #OGSwag, Stephen “Stak5” Jackson!  When this seriez wraps, the age old question of #Swag vs #NoSwag will be answered. Game 1 Tonight – Tipoff @ 9:30 EST

Russell Westbrook waz more Stephan then regular Urkel in last nights dominating win over the #LakeShow hitting 10-of-15 shots on his way to 27 points, 7 rebounds, 9 assists and 2 steals, winning by a final score of 119-90. @okcthunder take a 1-0 series lead over @Lakers@russwest44 switched back to hiz Urkel personna during hiz post #PodiumGame. Game2 Wednesday @ 6:30 PST


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