Your Close of Business NBA Playoff Report

This Land Iz Ur Landz
What haz happened to our society?  #America haz officially become an obesecracy #ManBoob luving society! Post game of the playoffs became an all out, genetically modified, out-of-shape, no shirt-wearing, athlete affair on national television. And last night the playerz felt a little too comfortable doing it.  In all seriousness diabetes & obesity haz become an epidemic in this land of freedom, so sayz Chuck!


Go Green Bruh
The 76erz & Pacerz have taken away home court advantage in the Eastern Conference playoffs with game 2 steals!  Which bringz up the question: HomeGrown vs Industrialized ?  America iz all about their #HaveItUrWay mind set & that’s exactly how half of the NBA Playoffs final 8teamz are constructed.

The @Lakers@Heat@Celtics, & @LAClippers are all big market teams that were pieced together through player alliances, groupiez & big $$$ markets representing #DieobesityGeneticallyModifiedRxProcessedRepublicaAmerica!  

Quietly the other 4, @okcthunder@spurs@76ers & @Pacers have been constructed through a #GrassrootsOrganicHomegrownTaiChiDemocracityAmerica movement where they have built their foundation with the draft & have made some savvy vet pick ups thru free agency.  It starts from the top down from Owners to GMz and all four teamz having cerebral coaches who understand the chess match that iz the 7 game series!  We shall see if #WinningWithIntergrity still resonates’ in the good ole U S of A!  That thing called dignity?  That ship sailed w/ the NBAonTNT….


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