Anthony Davis Shows He Isn’t Ready For The NBA

Soon to be NBA big man Anthony Davis was spotted recently at a Buffalo Wild Wings trying the “blazin’ wings” with some of his friends when things took a turn for the worst.  After trying the wings, Davis, looked to be a little shocked at how truly hot they actually were.  We were able to catch his reaction from the footage, but due to the grainy quality we’re unable to see what the response was from his unibrow.

This video brings up a bigger question about Davis:  Can he be tough enough to make it in the NBA?  I doubt Troy Murphy will have any sympathy for him when he’s being backed down on the block.  I don’t think Eduardo Najera will refrain from jabbing an elbow in his back while going for a rebound.  And I definitely don’t believe a guy like Johan Petro will refrain from throwing down a powerful two-handed dunk on Davis all because he’s not “mentally tough” yet.

I’m not telling NBA scouts how to do their job, but after watching this video, I’d have to say he’s now a late first round/early second round guy.  Sorry.  Watch the video and tell me differently.


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