And The Roller Coaster Continues for Arkansas’ Athletics

After hearing rumblings about the possibility of Jeff Long being a candidate for the Stanford AD job, KNWA’s Matt Turner confirmed what many had been wondering.  According to the news source, Long, is not a finalist, but is a candidate for the position.

Earlier this week I magically appeared on “The Ugly Uncle Show” along with my co host Michael Smith to talk a little about the situation playing out with Arkansas football program.  I made some remark about how every time I said things couldn’t get worse for Arkansas, they did.

First of all, we here at TSD don’t believe Long is headed anywhere.  We could be wrong and there’s nothing to prove that he wouldn’t jump ship.  But, there are some things that lead you to believe Jeff Long wouldn’t leave given the state of the where the program is right now:

  • There’s no determined solution for Arkansas’ next football coach.  It would be hard to believe he would leave while your program is in limbo.
  • After getting up and taking a stance the way he did on the situation with Bob Petrino-leaving now would send a terrible message to your fan base, obviously.
  • Arkansas’ program needs a face-and it isn’t John L. Smith.  Right now, it’s Jeff Long, and it’s going to be until there’s a head coach with a contract longer than a year.
  • Finally, RSVP-a project that costs somewhere in the 40 million range if my memory serves me correctly.  I’m sure Long would like to see this project completed rather than dump it on a new Athletic Director along with everything else.

Again, we don’t know what will happen moving forward, but I’ve gotten to know Jeff Long fairly well and I don’t see him making the jump.  Here’s the video of his RSVP plan for Arkansas’ Athletics-and a big reason why we think he’ll stay:

via Whole Hog Sports

UPDATE: Here is Jeff Long’s statement via Chris Bahn

UPDATE #2: Here is another statement from Jeff Long


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