James Franklin Needs Coaches With Hot Wives

The SEC meetings in Sandestin, Florida are taking place right now and everybody is looking for a good line from one of the coaches that might give them a topic over the next few weeks of the summer. Luckily, everyone’s favorite lawyer Clay Travis, of 104.5 The Zone in Nashville, was able to have a conversation with Vanderbilt coach James Franklin. And as Pete Roussel tells it, things got a little weird.

Franklin started making correlations about how marrying a hot woman is like pulling in a recruit-you have to be quick on your feet and confident with both. It made sense, but it also made me feel uncomfortable. I’m making an assumption, but I think what Franklin is trying to get across is that he has to yearn for his coaching candidates wives bodies, in order for him to even consider you as a coach.

Thx to @Mengus22


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