BUILD YOUR TAILGATE: 92 Things To Own Before Kickoff #83

This is an ongoing series where we’re going to help you build a tailgate from the ground up. We’ve got 92 things for 92 days and we’re going to try to keep this thing reasonable as far as costs go. Some items are sexy, some are necessities and we want to help make sure you’re ready to host a proper party come August. OH C’MON! LIKE THERE’S SOMETHING ELSE GOING ON BETWEEN NOW AND AUGUST!


Stainless-Steel Smoker Box – $32 (Online)

There’s nothing quite like a pork butt that’s been smoking all day long. If you’re smoker at the house is inset or it’s just too much hassle to load up and head to the tailgate with, pick up this smoker box and take some wood chips and you’re in business with any grill. I mean, it’s no Big Green Egg but anything is better than the savory taste of propane. One note, don’t crank up the heat and expect to get the right effect. Low and slow, bro.

Can be filled with aromatic wood chips or fragrant herbs or liquids for all kinds of smoky flavor infusions.
Just soak your chips, place them in the base of the smoker box and then preheat the box on an outdoor grill.
To smoke select foods, place ingredients on the perforated tray, set over the base on the grill and cover with the lid.
To turn your entire closed grill into a smoker, remove the lid altogether.
Made of heavy-gauge stainless steel.
Dishwasher safe.

AVAILABLE HERE: Williams-Sonoma


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