Game of Thronez


Everyone and their dog have an opinion on who they are rooting for in the NBA finalz and most don’t want to see King Jamez crowned.  They are both deserving, but not winning in this unbelievable match-up is going to be devastating for one of them.  It will be even tougher for James who is older and now holds the material world on his shoulderz.

This thing is bigger then the two greatest players in today’s NBA.  This is about the more complete organization.  The higher-ups, the coaching, the players and the last piece being the local support for the Thunder.  The #PassionBucket for OKC is overflowing in love and Chesapeake Energy Arena is considered the loudest and most intimidating home court in the league.  While Miami on the other hand still isn’t fully aware the squad iz still ballin in the playoffs.  Half of the crowd that shows up, iz already looking for the after, after party (& after the after party its the hotel lobby) but what OKC is doing for their people is going beyond the game of sport.  It iz allowing the city to thrive and lifting the spirits up w/ other surrounding communities who have been devastated by natural disasters throughout history.  Being from NW Arkansas, I can tell you that the Thunder nation goes beyond the state of Oklahoma through Arkansas and extends up to Missouri.  The momentum, passion and energy that has been behind the Thunder has now been fueled even more with the national hatred for Lebron James.  I’ve always supported LBJ and we rep the same name (#BigGameJamez) but there is not a team in the NBA right now that is easier to root for then the Oklahoma City Thunder.  The cast of talent and character the Thunder organization has brought in is remarkable.  They are a complete team that has depth, cohesion and more weapons of mass destruction.  I’ll be watching for Kendrick Perkins to really put his stamp on this series and Harden having a huge advantage with the 2nd unit!

All of the superstars are dressed to impress and pass the finals, hence their bifocal frames worn during the #podiumgame.  This is Lebron’s 3rd final in the NBA and I think we can say he flunked the first two with flying colors.  So all I’m looking for is Bron to pass this finals.  So get a C BronBron and you pass.  Feeling up the stat sheet would qualify for a C.  Winning the thing gets you an A or B.  But just don’t get swept, anything but a sweep BronBron. It’s kind of funny but Lebron considers himself as a mentor to KD and talks about how he took KD in under his wing to show em the ropes, but the one thing Bron doesn’t realize is that may be Durant learned from James’ mistakes as well. So If you are in my boat and you want to see OKC win it all but Lebron to save face and have a solid showing.  Then Bet on OKC to win this thing in 6 or go w/ the sweep bet which is paying out 9/1 odds!  KD has that killer in him but maybe he’ll be asked to do less as the series moves forward and the OKC #Thunder RollUp.  That is why I think Lebron could average more points in the series.  Besidez, we all know King Jamez is superficial to the core and he’ll be ok with himself as long as he gets his stats and doesn’t choke it off in the 4th quarter.  Maybe when Lebron decided to skip out on college it was more about not being able to pass his Finals? Lololol….. The Finalz everyone wanted will be tipping off sometime tonight on ABC.



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