BUILD YOUR TAILGATE: 92 Things To Own Before Kickoff #79

This is an ongoing series where we’re going to help you build a tailgate from the ground up. We’ve got 92 things for 92 days and we’re going to try to keep this thing reasonable as far as costs go. Some items are sexy, some are necessities and we want to help make sure you’re ready to host a proper party come August. OH C’MON! LIKE THERE’S SOMETHING ELSE GOING ON BETWEEN NOW AND AUGUST!

La Caja China Roasting Box – $320 (Online)

Remember that one time you wanted to cook a 70 lbs pig or 16-18 whole chickens or 4-6 turkeys or 8-10 pork ribs slabs or 8-10 pork shoulders? Oh yes you do. And you were going to do it with your roasting box. Remember? Come on, we talked about this! You said you were going to buy all the food and a roasting box and we were going to help you eat aforementioned food. No? Man. People change.

Charcoal Pan & Grid
Large Dripping Pan
2 Stainless Steel Grills
4 S/S Hooks, one Marinating Syringe
2 Large Metal Handles & Instructions
Insane Amount of Grilling Capacity



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