Arkansas Won’t Play In Little Rock Much Longer

With the news of the Southwest Classic living to see another day, it looks as if some big changes are coming for Arkansas’ football schedule in the years to come – specifically games in War Memorial Stadium.  The one thing Hog fans should be looking for is expansion to a 9 game SEC schedule with the addition of Texas A&M and Missouri – unless that happens, be prepared to see a minimum of 1 game pulled from the storied stadium every other year in order to satisfy the three games needed on-campus.

There’s nothing for certain that tells us the University will yank games out of Little Rock for good, but our sources have hinted that those who matter in central Arkansas (also read: people with lots and lots of money) understand what it is the athletic department needs to do in order for this program to continue it’s upward rise.  Translation: GAMES IN LITTLE ROCK ARE COMING TO AN END.  While there might be some things that are worked out to allow the University to play in War Memorial every once in a while, it’s highly doubtful that there will be a renewal in 2016 that would keep those in central Arkansas satisfied.

War Memorial Fan: “Yeah but it’s tradition, buddy! Old money won’t let this happen.”

Logical Fan: “They’re dead. They’re all dead.”

War Memorial Fan: “But…it’s War Memorial. It helps recruiting.”

Logical Fan: “No kid, no matter how remote, that wanted to be a Hog, has never NOT made it to Fayetteville.”

War Memorial Fan: “But…party.”

Logical Fan: “No.”

War Memorial Fan: “…girls, couches, Ford monster truck, Keystone Lig…”

Logical Fan: “Stop.”

Expansion of the stadium, renovations and more box seats aren’t going to suck anyone back into thinking WMS is better than ever.  And as our good twitter buddy @doc_harper said to me earlier today: “It’s hard to justify expanding War Memorial Stadium for two more games a year when none of them are marquee.”  IT’S COSTING US $75,000 A GAME TO PLAY AT WAR MEMORIAL STADIUM. I don’t know who got this deal done but he’s probably the same guy that got Facebook to pay Instagram 1 billion dollars. Did you know we make about $5,000,000 to play at Cowboy Stadium? THEY ARE PAYING US TO PLAY IN THE NICEST STADIUM IN THE WORLD.

In our opinion, it will be disappointing to lose the tailgating scene that’s been cultivated there in LR, what with the abandoned living room furniture and all. War Memorial Park has truly become an incredibly expansive sea of “party rage.” Hence the in-game arrests at the top of every quarter. “Enjoy your trip back to Lake Village bozo! My 5 year old nephew really enjoyed your graphic comparison of the female anatomy to an entire football team from Louisiana.” //puts on kevlar vest for trip back to parked car…assuming it’s still there.


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