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The Dark Hog Rises (Movie Trailer)


starring Jeff Long, Bobby Petrino, JL Smith & Tyler Wilson


David Stern’s Evil Empire NBA strikes again


Lebron James and the Miami Heat won the NBA Finals championship thursday night.  The King was finally crowned and received that long awaited first ring.  The only problem is Lebron put himself in a tough situation and did what the James Gang does best, over promise.  For James to live up to that promise he is probably gonna have to win the title every year until he retires.  I think 8 titles was the total amount stated during the Boyz 2 Men presser when the big 3 were assembled.

Young&Reckless, Thunder in South Beach

ImageThe Miami Heat have a 2-1 series lead in what has been a thrilling NBA Finalz so far.  All three games have been back and fourth with both teams having chances to earn themselves the W.  Game 2 ended w/ Lebron James getting away with two fouls and a travel.  The two fouls that should’ve been called would’ve sent Durant or Westbrook at the line looking to tie the game and force overtime.  The refs also missed a travel when Lebron got the rebound on the failed attempts, he then moved his pivot foot and was rewarded with two free throws to seal the victory.  The series shifted to South Beach and game 3 showed a deeper OKC team move out to a comfortable lead late in the 3rd quarter.  That is when youth finally showed itself for the Thunder in the 2012 playoffs….

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Game of Thronez


Everyone and their dog have an opinion on who they are rooting for in the NBA finalz and most don’t want to see King Jamez crowned.  They are both deserving, but not winning in this unbelievable match-up is going to be devastating for one of them.  It will be even tougher for James who is older and now holds the material world on his shoulderz.

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The NBA Playoffs (Where Conspiracies Happen)

Image  These have been the best conference finalz on both sides maybe ever (in my lifetime)?  Both the Celtics and Thunder have reeled off 3 Wz in a row and stolen home court advantage.  That isn’t supposed to happen, that never happens in the Rigged NBA!?