VIDEO: Preview of Hogs’ CBS College Football Confidential

CBS will be airing a documentary on the Hogs on Aug. 29 call College Football Confidential. WELL IF IT’S SO CONFIDENTIAL, WHY ARE WE LETTING THEM FILM EVERYTHING? Stupid idiots.

H/T: @JordanJck


VIDEO: Knile Davis Squats 600 lbs. –

So, Knile Davis has like so many muscles, you guys. Here’s an exclusive video of him squatting a breezy 600lbs courtesy of @its_mrsmith2u Watch it here.

INFOGRAPHIC UPDATE: How Horny Was Bobby Petrino?

This info graphic, originally posted on Friends of the Program, needed an update upon hearing that Bobby P lost over half a million on the sale of his mansion in NW Arkansas. Half a million dollars. Gone. Pretty sure if Bobby was here with me right now he’d agree that buying a home is positively the stupidest purchase you could make in your lifetime. That or a motorcycle. Yeah. He’d probably say motorcycle. Even so, the takeaway here is don’t buy a home. Or get involved with someone other than your wife. Or purchase a motorcy…you know, there’s really a lot of lessons here. Bobby P is really like a screwed up life coach if you think about it.

Winner Of The Razorback Celebrity Scramble Gets To Coach 2013 Season?

Photo by Ryan McGeeney

The 2012 Razorback Celebrity Scramble sign-up form is live. NWARazor tweeted the pdf form out a few moments ago and while there was no list of who the celebrities are, a few Razorbacks of note are sure to be hitting the links for the event benefitting the Razorback Foundation. The highlight of the event however, will be the lunch with John L. Smith where he’ll entertain the flights with his favorite moments in old timey radio shows such as Groucho Marx and Perry Mason. This is primarily a result of the event being held in Bella Vista (know your demographic, kids.) For more information check the NWA Razorback Club’s site.

And The Roller Coaster Continues for Arkansas’ Athletics

After hearing rumblings about the possibility of Jeff Long being a candidate for the Stanford AD job, KNWA’s Matt Turner confirmed what many had been wondering.  According to the news source, Long, is not a finalist, but is a candidate for the position.

Earlier this week I magically appeared on “The Ugly Uncle Show” along with my co host Michael Smith to talk a little about the situation playing out with Arkansas football program.  I made some remark about how every time I said things couldn’t get worse for Arkansas, they did. Continue reading