Joplin Car Dealership Takes Shot At Arkansas

Looks like the state of Missouri is up to it’s old tricks again.  Matt and Terry of “Matt & Terry’s Auto Sales” couldn’t help themselves after Arkansas threw up a goose egg versus Alabama over the weekend.  These guys are hilarious–which shouldn’t come as a surprise… Midwestern people are known for not only being colorful, but very entertaining as well.


VIDEO: Texas A&M Yearns For Your Acceptance

Texas A&M President R. Bowen Loftin (you know…the guy who looks like he should be serving root beer floats in the ice cream parlor of your local Dixie Cafe) wants to let you know for the 463rd time that the Aggies are now OFFICIALLY members of the SEC.  This video is pure, heartfelt and soooo classy–aside from that it lacks plot development, the characters don’t seem to embrace their roles and the climax leaves the audience underwhelmed.

Looks Like Arkansas & South Carolina Is Coming To An End

The permanent cross-divisional rivalry of Arkansas and South Carolina looks like it could be coming to an end very soon.  According to SEC official Larry Templeton the conference is headed for a “6-1-1” model.  Basically, there are six divisional games, one permanent cross-divisional rivalry, and one rotating cross-divisional game.  This takes too much time to explain and it’s Saturday.  Just read the column.

Larry Templeton probably came to this new way to make conference schedules the same way Charlie Kelly figured out who Pepe Silvia was:

SEC Head Coaches Head To Austin City Limits Music Festival

Well The Austin City Limits Festival tix went on sale today and if you thought trust fund brats were the only people who shell out the cash to see these bands, you couldn’t be more wrong. Actually you’re incredibly right but it’s slow around here and we’re doing a post.

After seeing Dan Mullen ticklin’ the ivories over at Friends of the Program today, it got us wondering what band each coach would see at ACL2012 and why? So let’s not waste anymore time getting started:

Nick Saban: The Alabama Shakes – C’mon. Interesting to note: the lead singer really gets Saban’s engine revved. Sources confirm he can’t help but mutter “look at all that woman” under his breath every time he sees them in concert. Plus he’d be crucified by state officials if he came back and didn’t have video of footage of something from Alabama.

John L. Smith: Neil Young and Crazy Horse – John L’s interest in ACL Fest was peaked originally when he thought it was a trade show on bone and ligament health but because he was there when Neil got the band started, he still wants to go. He’ll hang around for Thievery Corporation in hopes to better understand the mentality of his players. Continue reading