The Arkansas Razorback and the Theory of Dynamic Symmetry

Over on the University of Arkansas Libraries site, the special collections department has posted a digital version of “A History of Arkansas Razorbacks” by Hank Hancock. By day, I do art for companies and I’m a sucker for the history of logos so this book is going to kill the rest of my morning and get me to lunch. Why it’s not a NYT Bestseller is beyond me.


The Greatest Razorback Fan Of ALL TIME(Video)

This woman understands the pulse of the state–good day, everyone.

VIDEO: Preview of Hogs’ CBS College Football Confidential

CBS will be airing a documentary on the Hogs on Aug. 29 call College Football Confidential. WELL IF IT’S SO CONFIDENTIAL, WHY ARE WE LETTING THEM FILM EVERYTHING? Stupid idiots.

H/T: @JordanJck

Looks Like The Hogs Are Headed Back To Cowboy Stadium

Jeff Long, as always, was tweeting answers to the typically strange and uncomfortable questions Hog fans ask him on a nightly basis, when we came across one response from the AD that would give reason to believe Arkansas will find itself playing in Cowboy Stadium very soon.

Even though we won’t see Arkansas in the “Southwest Classic” versus Texas A&M this season-it’s a forgone conclusion that the Razorbacks will be locking into a contract with another team in the near future.  There’s no list of confirmed candidates at this date-but you’d assume every Team within a 500 mile radius of the Death Star has been contacted.

DOWNLOAD: Tusk Got His Picture Taken. He’s Beautiful.

ESPN The Magazine rolled out a photo shoot this month featuring the mascots of the SEC. Tusk was featured and even though his shoot was cut short due to “too much sexiness”, they did manage to get a few snaps of his good side.

You’re gonna want this on your desktop background for football season, and naturally, we’re here to provide for that want. We’re giving you a few different sizes, choose the one that works for you.



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