Texas A&M Wants You To Hate Them (VIDEO)

The Aggies are back at it again.  There was no explanation for their videos before and there’s no explanation now.  I hit the play button at work and was immediately embarrassed that everyone around me heard the audio–even if they didn’t know what it was about.  I am now sitting in a bathroom stall, writing to you, as we speak, so that the chatter about the jackass in D-4 listening to “Whoomp There It Is” will fade out.  I’m humiliated and taking a grumper at the same time.  Watch this:

Thanks to Marshall Hughes for the video.


Looks Like The Hogs Are Headed Back To Cowboy Stadium

Jeff Long, as always, was tweeting answers to the typically strange and uncomfortable questions Hog fans ask him on a nightly basis, when we came across one response from the AD that would give reason to believe Arkansas will find itself playing in Cowboy Stadium very soon.

Even though we won’t see Arkansas in the “Southwest Classic” versus Texas A&M this season-it’s a forgone conclusion that the Razorbacks will be locking into a contract with another team in the near future.  There’s no list of confirmed candidates at this date-but you’d assume every Team within a 500 mile radius of the Death Star has been contacted.

VIDEO: Texas A&M Yearns For Your Acceptance

Texas A&M President R. Bowen Loftin (you know…the guy who looks like he should be serving root beer floats in the ice cream parlor of your local Dixie Cafe) wants to let you know for the 463rd time that the Aggies are now OFFICIALLY members of the SEC.  This video is pure, heartfelt and soooo classy–aside from that it lacks plot development, the characters don’t seem to embrace their roles and the climax leaves the audience underwhelmed.

Looks Like Arkansas & South Carolina Is Coming To An End

The permanent cross-divisional rivalry of Arkansas and South Carolina looks like it could be coming to an end very soon.  According to SEC official Larry Templeton the conference is headed for a “6-1-1” model.  Basically, there are six divisional games, one permanent cross-divisional rivalry, and one rotating cross-divisional game.  This takes too much time to explain and it’s Saturday.  Just read the column.

Larry Templeton probably came to this new way to make conference schedules the same way Charlie Kelly figured out who Pepe Silvia was:

Matthew McConaughey Breaks Down Arkansas 2012 Season (Audio)

Being in radio for the last 7 years has opened some doors to rubbing shoulders with some of the biggest names around.  They usually turn around five minutes later and forget who you were and what you were even talking about with them.  But, Matt McConaughey isn’t one of those guys-we were lucky enough to sit down and get his thoughts on Arkansas upcoming season…check it out:

Thanks to Deek Kastner of 104.5 The Edge out of Tulsa for doing this.