The Arkansas Razorback and the Theory of Dynamic Symmetry

Over on the University of Arkansas Libraries site, the special collections department has posted a digital version of “A History of Arkansas Razorbacks” by Hank Hancock. By day, I do art for companies and I’m a sucker for the history of logos so this book is going to kill the rest of my morning and get me to lunch. Why it’s not a NYT Bestseller is beyond me.


Joplin Car Dealership Takes Shot At Arkansas

Looks like the state of Missouri is up to it’s old tricks again.  Matt and Terry of “Matt & Terry’s Auto Sales” couldn’t help themselves after Arkansas threw up a goose egg versus Alabama over the weekend.  These guys are hilarious–which shouldn’t come as a surprise… Midwestern people are known for not only being colorful, but very entertaining as well.

Texas A&M Wants You To Hate Them (VIDEO)

The Aggies are back at it again.  There was no explanation for their videos before and there’s no explanation now.  I hit the play button at work and was immediately embarrassed that everyone around me heard the audio–even if they didn’t know what it was about.  I am now sitting in a bathroom stall, writing to you, as we speak, so that the chatter about the jackass in D-4 listening to “Whoomp There It Is” will fade out.  I’m humiliated and taking a grumper at the same time.  Watch this:

Thanks to Marshall Hughes for the video.

Arkansas Won’t Play In Little Rock Much Longer

With the news of the Southwest Classic living to see another day, it looks as if some big changes are coming for Arkansas’ football schedule in the years to come – specifically games in War Memorial Stadium.  The one thing Hog fans should be looking for is expansion to a 9 game SEC schedule with the addition of Texas A&M and Missouri – unless that happens, be prepared to see a minimum of 1 game pulled from the storied stadium every other year in order to satisfy the three games needed on-campus. Continue reading

VIDEO: Preview of Hogs’ CBS College Football Confidential

CBS will be airing a documentary on the Hogs on Aug. 29 call College Football Confidential. WELL IF IT’S SO CONFIDENTIAL, WHY ARE WE LETTING THEM FILM EVERYTHING? Stupid idiots.

H/T: @JordanJck